Cashiers check for cars

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by Knuckle Dragger, Aug 16, 2018.

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    Been there and had the same end result. What a crock of crap.
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    If they can do a cashiers check, just tell them to do a wire transfer instead while at the bank. It's instant and I've never heard of one going wrong.
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    I always tell people if the check's good, go to the bank and get cash and bring it. If that check's good, shove it up your ass. Anything good won't hurt you.
    Banks suck. I was buying a house and deposited money in one account and got a bank certified check for the down payment. Took it to the closing and thought everything was fine. Couple days later the bank called me and the guy said congratulations. I thought it was a nice gesture, since I thought it was for buying the house. He was being sarcastic and said I had set a president. I was the first entity to ever bounce a bank certified check. They deposited the money in one account and tried to withdraw it from another one of my accounts. They eventually got it straightened out, but it took longer than it should. They told me the bank guaranteed it, and I needed to square up with the bank, not the recipient. It's bad enough that scammers are out there, but the banking industry needs some guidelines to go by to help innocent people. I never understood why a bank would witness me depositing tens of thousands in one account and try to draw the check from another without checking balances. It was their mistake and they were actually getting pooty with me, and never apologized or accepted any responsibility.
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    Like I mentioned earlier I felt very uneasy over carrying $12k in cash , I couldn't even fathom how you guys could walk around with $20k or more in your pocket

    When I paid the seller the $12k in cash all in $100 bills we were inside the lobby of a local Auto Club branch and it was crowded . people were walking by closely almost bumping into me as I was counting the money and handing it to the seller

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    I only do direct wire transfers OR cash at the teller window of a bank so they can run ALL the cash thru the counterfeit detection counter.

    We have had a HUGE increase in high quality counterfeit $100, $50 and $20 bills that are chemically washed lower denominations, effectively defeating the pens. We have had a series of $100 bills being used at yard sales and mom and pop shops, they buy something for a few bucks and then get get back good cash.

    The pens should not be relied upon because they detect paper (chemicals used in) instead of the linen of actual US Currency. Washed currency, chemically removing all the ink on $1-$5s and REPRINTING higher denominations on those washed bills.

    You can not even depend on the black light anymore because they run currency thru a clothes washing machine (Detergents) causing the whole bill to glow, defeating the UV strip.

    Imagine getting a few bundles of cash with bank wraps, count it out, walk into the bank and half of the cash is fake. Then YOU have to prove the seller did it.

    Nope. Aint playin that game.
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