Chain saw carb rebuild

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
So about 10 days ago we had quite the wind and rain storm move thru the area. Hundreds of trees down. Some just down but some on top of houses. A few houses knocked down by the wind or big trees (like 2 foot diameter plus)across the houses.
We didn't have any damage or trees down. Why I have no clue. Thank goodness no one in the area was hurt.
So I went to fire up my chain saw. Of course it wouldn't start. It's been 10 plus years since I've used it. Even had Stabil in the gas.
So I did a you tube search and there is a great 24 minute video on over hauling Tillotson chain saw carbs. So I was off to the local chain saw dealer and he had a kit for a whopping $12.95. Spent a evening with carb cleaner and compressed air. Then installed the kit. Blew out the fuel line. Put in new gas and after a few pulls it started right up.
Never messed with a chain saw carb before. Was kind of fun.


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Jul 5, 2009
mankato, mn
My boss swore off the kits long ago just buys cheap chinese carbs every year lol. I put a kit in my snow blower and that was 5 years ago. Just run seafoam on the last tank of fuel in it. Of course it’s not sitting for 10 years....I’d drain everything in that case and run it till everything out of it.


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Aug 1, 1999
The old carbs can sometimes be saved as you found out. Later stuff with those Zama carbs are usually a waste of time to repair. Micro holes and welch plugs with diaphragms. As above, buy the cheap Ebay replacment, probably made in the same factor as the OE stuff. Even Stihl is using them


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Dec 7, 2014
Chain saw carbs are cool because they have no bowl, just their own little diaphragm pump so they can be tipped in any way and still run.
The kits are great when you get the right one.


Sep 5, 2011
the dealers here dont bother,just put on new carbs.took hedge trimmer in to get fixed ,they put a carb on it at the desk gave it back to me.


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Jun 17, 2006
I just got a free Poulan chain saw last week, cleaned out the old carb, put in fresh mix fuel and adjusted the carb and cut some wood. Good thing too, I just lost a huge tree trunk in a wind storm the week before so this came just in time. The battery powered chain saw couldn't keep up, LOL.


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Feb 12, 2011
atlanta, ga
Given my surroundings, I keep my STIHL in a 3 month check plan on my maintenance chart. The best thing I have found is to use the MOTO-MIX fuel. I swear by that stuff...i don't know HOW they make it so it still runs good after being on the shelf for 8 months?? 3rd pull everytime since I bought it 4 yrs ago and it doesn't even have a primer bulb...:eek:


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Mar 15, 2004
Bunker Hill, IL
My saws see regular use through out the spring summer and fall with over 100 trees in my yard and 35 acres of timber on our property. But in the fall I always drain the regular fuel out of them and put in the ethanol free pre-mix in. I have used VP the last several years.

On a side note I got a buddy that hooked me up with some Avgas this year, anxious to see what the little motors think of that stuff.

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