Cheapest LS engine at price and power?

Discussion in 'High Tech Retrofits' started by 76z28, Sep 2, 2010.

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    450HP at the wheels is going to be 600HP + at the crank. It is going to be pricer to build such an engine if you want it to be relaible/solid and using decent parts. You can do it the real budget way and slap some heads and big cam on a stock LQ9 bottom end and get pretty close to that number. The stock LQ9 (Truck 6.0L engine) is a great foundation @ 9.4:1 compression and the bottom end I have seen take up to about 600HP. Drop a healthy cam and some CNC ported L92 Heads to bump the compression, good valve train and you can get close to your goal.

    We just took a stock LQ9 engine with the stock #317 heads, did a cam/spring change (weenie cam) and hit 455HP/480TQ with ease using a Edelbrock performer type intake, quickfuel HR680 carb. We are now going to swap cams to a more aggessive but street frendly setup, a victor intake and a Quick Fuel 780cfm carb, and upgrade the pushrods/rockers shooting for the 500-525HP mark.

    The block is the same bolt pattern as the 350's trans bolut up minus 1 bolt hole. The pad is there and you can drill the hole easily to bolt up the same Th400, 350, 700R4 etc..

    Should have our whole new line of LS engines availible shortly. From your budget series to race series. The long Block above (455HP/480TQ) will be selling for about $3100 with a 2 year warranty ;)
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    Actually ... keeping the 305 2 barrel is embarrassing.;)


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