Chuck Sharin aka CamarosRus ORIGINAL 70 Z28 For Sale


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Feb 16, 2000
Auburn,WA (between Sea & Tac)

I have not been very active on NastyZ28 the last several years after first joining over 20 years ago....

I am one of the few members here that ordered/bought a 70 Z28 new from GM/Chevrolet

The above Craigslist Car is MY Original Car. The seller has the Protecto Plate with my name on it.

I dont think the car is worth anything close to $20K given the extent of what is needed to restore
the car, and what this particular 70Z might be worth with the Column T400 trans..........

I sold this 70Z around 1972 when I started my infamous drag racing career............

My current 70 R/S Z28 (also Shadow Gray) I purchased in 1978 from the Original Owner
and after driving for a couple of years has been apart since approx 1982. ONLY 40 Years !!!!


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Aug 1, 1999
Car in the ad looks pretty decent for that money I'm thinking. Must be a lot we don't see?

70 SS/L78

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May 5, 2005
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Chuck, definitely pretty cool to see a car you bought new 52 years ago!

Since the car has always been in Washington State I would imagine the body is pretty solid with minimal rust, especially seeing this picture in current condition. Sure looks like a really solid start to me! The car still has it's original drivetrain and if the important pieces are there it's worth 20K in my opinion with today's prices.

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Sep 2, 2011
I recently purchased this complete, rust free numbers matching RS Z28 here in Canada. It took me a while to agree to the price, but I have never seen another one in this condition and as original locally, so I pulled the trigger. In spite of being completely original right down to the fuel lines, it did need to have the engine/trans/distributor/carb/rad etc refreshed.

I think these complete original cars are desirable because they are still attainable for a reasonable price. Sure you could probably find a base Camaro with some mods and perhaps some poorly done repairs/body work for less but that's a different car. Its easy to spend $50k on body and paint if you don't start with a good solid example.

Anyways, I guess there is no "right" answer, but to me even at $20K, if there car is all there and correct and runs and drives that number seems fair.



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Feb 16, 2000
Auburn,WA (between Sea & Tac)
I did an inspection of my ORIGINAL (52 years ago) 70 Z28 this past week.............

The car shown above is post #8 hasnt run in know one can prove or say anything about internals

Left Fender did not have the FLAT area where washer bottle mounts.......(thought all 70's had that???)
Eng Shows Matching VIN on Front Deck V0410CTC Trim Tag 04D
I was not able to verify distributor or black painted alternator.....
Right Door had a lot of Body Filler
Hood is Questionable due to Previous Eng Fire
Trunk Floor had significant surface rust , but I couldnt see entire floor as it was loaded with misc parts
Both Qtr Panels Need replacing (seller has new (older) aftermarket qtrs that may/may not fit vs newer AMD ??????
Underfloor was undercoated back in the day..............(I dont remember)
Seller does have build sheet, POP (Charles Sharin) ...How does this give significant value to buyer John Doe ???
I wasnt able to find VIN on M40 trans (Didnt know exact location)
I didnt verify Differential (Build sheet says 4:10)
Small Rust Hole in Roof above Drivers Side Window

Car needs every area restored
Needs a ton of repop parts and everything else restored

I cant begin to estimate how much $$$$ you could spend making a very nice driver or more
from this project and with the RARE Column auto, which I think would be a turn off for most
what might be the value of completed car ??????

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