Clear tail lights.

Discussion in 'Rader Classics' started by Lrader99, Dec 13, 2012.

Any interested in clear tail lights/ side marker lights for '70-'73

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  1. I am interested in this

  2. I am not interested

  3. I would like to see pictures before deciding

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    Extremely busy is an understatement. Ive been working 2 jobs plus trying to do this stuff. The lenses aren't to the point where they can pay bills. The business is still consuming more money than it is providing.

    I know there are some delays in getting with people but I am generally just not home. I have very little free time and what I do is on Sundays and I refuse to work on Sundays as it is the only time I have to do housework.

    Yes there are some issues with the site. I have been doing some updates to the code and will republish the site this weekend.
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