Sad Sack

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Jun 1, 2018
Hello All-
I am doing a engine swap in my 1978 Camaro LT with A/C. It currently has an L6 inline 250 six cylinder. An ATK HP 94 with aluminum heads is going in its place. My question is, should I retain the stock springs or replace them with V8 springs? The A/C will remain for now but may be eliminated...the wife may have something to say about that though. The auto parts stores show standard duty and heavy duty with or without A/C. I do not want to get in to spring rate or the like I just want to keep the task simplified because this car is just going to be a cruiser. I am more curious about the stance of the vehicle if I leave the stock springs in. Any input or questions from members is appreciated. And if any one wants a nice running L6 (yes, it runs excellent), please ping me because I would hate to scrap it. Thanks all!

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