Complete Detailed Holley Sniper EFI Installation Video!


Apr 29, 2015
United States
Hey everybody!

If you're following my build thread you've probably come across videos that have helped you work on your second gen or gave you an idea of what a job entails. Over the winter me and my buddy finally got around to installing Holley Sniper EFI on my '79 Z28. I figured i'd make a separate thread for the EFI conversion due to so much curiosity surrounding the system.

The install itself was straight forward, it just took us some extra time due to swapping to an actual EFI tank part #GM201FI i went with full braided -6AN lines and fittings.

Total cost breakdown
Sniper EFI-$1,000
EFI Gas Tank-$360 shipped
40 feet braided russel line-$190
various AN fittings-$85
02 Bung welded in-$20

Of course there's different ways of doing this (inline pump etc) but i figured i'd do it once and do it right.

My engine is a stock 350 with a peanut cam. The system itself runs pretty good, I've only had a few minor issues that required a parameter or two to be adjusted. It's not complete self tune and you should anticipate to mess with some of the settings to get it perfect. Overall i'm happy with my purchase and will have it control timing in the future which requires the purchase of a Holley Dual Sync Distributor.

Here is the complete video front to back of the install.


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