Congrats to Bob , Lapone and and DbarD racing

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As some of you know, Bobert has been crewing and doing the clutches for DbarD on the ProMod Duster Joe Lapone drives in WCHR and NMCAwest.

Just saw where these guys clinched the championship in NMCA west Pro Street.

Congrats Bob. I give you a lot of $#!+, but I know you sacraficed a lot to be there for DbarD / Lapone. The commitment from everyone on the crew paid off!! Congrats!!



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Dec 6, 2005
thanks Marv,

what a weekend & what a year. had to put 3 pistons in on Saturday night, left the track @ 7:30 Sunday morning to get to the hotel for a shower, 2 hours of sleep, then right back to the track for eliminations.

In the Semi's we managed to knock out #1 qualifier Scotty Oksas and hole #2. I did the maintenance on the clutch, took some jet out of #2 (actually a LOT of jet) , stuck a new plug in it & went back up for the finals. we had to wait about 10 minutes for Bowman to finish up putting the motor back together after he hurt a piston. unfortunately Joe was staring straight into the sun so he could not see Bowman stage. after staging our car he counted to 3 & left. well........ the tree was not activated yet, so Joe was DQ'd & Bowman won the race. fortunately for us it was too little too late, we had the championship sowed up. He won the battle, but we won the war.

what kind of sucks about this is that had we got off a clean race, we would have won both the event & the championship. Bowman had struck the tires & we would have easily motored around him for the win. now THAT would have been an ending to the year!!!!!!

all told I think I might have got 12 hours of sleep over the course of 4 days, then had to drive 5 hours to get back home.

for those that dont know, this is the D-D racing Duster.


thanks again Marv, Im looking forward to desert season.

D-D racing
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Dec 6, 2005
Joe's writeup from this weekend.
A Team on a Mission and Closing the Deal.
.........................2013 NMCA West Pro Street Champions..............................

Derrol Hubbard’s D-Bar-D Racing Pro Street Duster was on a mission this year. After their 1st Year competing in the NMCA West Pro Street in 2012 and finishing 2nd they set their sights again on 1st in 2013. They finished the 2012 season with a Win at the Finals in Bakersfield and their 1st Wally.

They opened the 2013 Season at Bakersfield where they left off with another Win and another Wally. They went to Pomona and had some issues and with the help of John Mihovets and Jerry Mallicut got it figured out in time for 1 Qualifying run and were #1 and Won that Race and another Wally.

We went to Las Vegas and had some Clutch and Chassis gremlins’ and got in figured out in time to race Scotty O and his awesome Turbo Camaro and then broke a rear end in spectacular fasion. Scotty went on to beat Mike Bowman and got his 1st Wally.

The stage was set, with dropping 1 Race, as per NMCA Rules, we had a little over 1 Round on Scotty and a little over 2 Rounds on Mike. When Qualifying was over Scotty had 1 leg up on the Record with a 5.92, Mike ran 5.98 and we were 3rd, with the 1st Nitrous car in the NMCA West, to run 5’s with a 5.99 at 214 MPH destroying 2 Pistons at 5.4 seconds. With the determination of Bob Wooten, Greg Holman, John Beckner, Derrol, Robert Costa , Robert Howard and me, working through the night until 8 AM, we went to the hotel for a couple of hours of sleep, returning at 10 AM we fired up the engine at 10:15 and were in the lanes for 1st Round at 11 AM.

We raced Lee Smith in his Blower Mustang and went [email protected] lifting at 1000 foot. We raced John Sceialpi in his Blown 57 Chevy and ran [email protected] lifting again. Scotty on the other side of the Ladder ran a 6.80 1st Round and had a Bye into the Semi’s and ran a 9.20. This set the stage for the Championship.

We had to run Scotty.... You can never count Scotty, Bill Hickcock and his team out. We had lane choice so we picked the left lane because the Duster seemed to like it all weekend. We had 2 hurt Cylinder Walls and were about to put them to the Test. We left on Scotty by 4 Hundredths and the D-bar-D Racing Duster was on a pass, right around 1000’ I felt it laying over so I pushed in the clutch and kept looking for Scotty.. We went a [email protected] and Scotty went flying by at [email protected]. That clinched the 2013 NMCA West Pro Street Title for Derrol Hubbard’s D-Bar-D racing Duster.
Mission accomplished.

Derrol had accomplished another goal with Joe Lepone, Bob Wooten, Greg Holman, and John Beckner, we won the 2013 NMCA West Pro Street Championship. We would also like to thank Robert Howard and Robert Costa for their help at Bakersfield.

We would like to thank REF Headers, Edelbrock, MSD, Moroso, Simpson, Hoosier Tire, Ram Clutches, Lenco, Chrisman Rears, Robbie Miller Race Cars, VP Fuels, Pat Musi Performance, our Family and Friends, the awesome Fans, NMCA West and Fomosa Raceways Personnel and the Safety Personnel for their support that helped us get it done.
— with Derrol Hubbard, Bob Wooten and John Beckner.

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