Considering aluminum guage panel and autometers.

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
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If your mounting holes are stripped out but still intact I would fill them up with plastic epoxy and re-drill to the proper size


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Jul 18, 2013
i was going to do flat aluminum but ended up getting a stock bezel and autometer gauges. was actually fairly easy. used hole saw from back side for the 4 smaller gauges and leveled off the back side for speedo and tach (both electric) when attached to dash used factory holes toward center and screwed from backside (helped to draw in) also used metal clips for the screws from front side to attach to dash


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Aug 12, 2005
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I bought a set of gauges from NVU for my son's 79 camaro for Christmas. We got them installed a couple of weeks ago as NVU designed and they were pretty slick. While installing them, we found that they were all but the perfect size to mount in the factory bezel. My son decided to go that route.

To make it work, I took an oscillating multi tool with a 2 inch blade and leveled the back of the factory cluster. I had to enlarge the speedo and tach hole about 1/32 all the way around to get the larger gauges in but they fit extremely well when doing so. The tach and speedo have push buttons to scroll through the features and we drilled out the factory turn signal holes and the push buttons fit perfectly there. No need for them as the speedo has the turn signals.

I'll get pics up as soon as the car comes back from the body shop. He's adding white rallye stripes to his black paint.

He looked at several aftermarket panels and wanted to keep the factory look. I think he made the right choice as the factory bezel looks so clean around the switches and HVAC vents.

I have Speed Hut gauges in my Trans Am and they are quality pieces as well.

I did like how easy the NVU gauges wired and ordering the Camaro specific kit had everything pre programmed for the car.

Hopefully have the car back this weekend, but wanted to cast another vote for aftermarket gauges in the factory bezel.


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Dec 7, 2010
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I had a local guy hydrodip the carbon pattern. I am installing raingear wiper sysytem and the new switch will go in the upper right hole. I did have to enlarge the speedo and tach holes slightly to allow the gauges to fit.


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Aug 12, 2005
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Here's some pics of the factory dash bezel with NVU gauges. If someone wants pics of something else or different angles, I'd be happy to try some more.


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Mar 13, 2020
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Lots of great ideas here - I also couldn't find just the back panel made from aluminum and wanted to keep my original speedometer so make some sketches and worked with Roy Wells at Smidgens in Lima, NY and he cut the aluminum panel so I could mount everything to the dash and still use the outer woodgrain panel which also has the mount for the lights and wipers. I believe he said they had a $50 minimum when he was done... I gladly gave him $100.
Laser cut aluminum with stitch cuts.jpg
Gauges installed to check fit in dash.jpg
Checking fit.jpg
Front view new panel.jpg
Complete installation.jpg
Designing the stencil.jpg Laser cut cardboard.jpg


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