Considering aluminum guage panel and autometers.

I think he is talking about the main instrument cluster. I am kinda in the same predicament with no bezel or gauges at all but I'm leaning toward an aluminum 1/8" thick bezel if I can find one.
I have been looking for a factory correct numbers matching dash panel for my 79Z28 as well for a bunch of years. I been able to find some some repair parts online but it needs a bunch of very deep digging to find them...I ordered my 79Z28 from the factory on Oct 23rd of 1978 and received it in April of 1979...garage kept completely numbers matching but still the dash panel discoloured. I'm unsure why all the aftermarket replacement styles are so off but if that is what is left to work have it...I'm now thinking about Lazer jet 3D printing a new one...if possible..if anyone has experience with that process or contacts let me know..the original dash panel is far better than any off replica..I have any knowledge of today...


Mar 13, 2009
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for those of you who have already done it, what am I up against? I'm tired of my broken stock cluster that I can barely see. Looking at some of the panels i see they appear to not have mounting holes drilled. Are you using the stock mounting points? One of many issues is the factory holes in mine are stripped out.
I'm installing a gauge panel with Auto Meter gauges that I bought as a kit from Classic Industries. It comes with a wiring harness that is made by American Auto Wire. It also comes with a diagram explaining what the different locations in the original cluster harness are for. It was pretty easy to put together. I test fitted the panel into the new dash pad that I ordered from NPD and found that I had to make a few minor tweaks to mount it. I have deleted the A/C and factory heater, so I put a trans temp gauge and clock in the space that formerly held the heater controls. If the original mounting tabs in your dash pad are gone, then I don't know how you will mount a new panel. If it is just the tabs on the old panel that are broken, then the new panel will solve the problem. I went with the simulated carbon fiber that is drilled and formed to fit both the dash and the gauges. Overall, it was not too difficult, but it takes some time to do it neatly.

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Mar 29, 2020
I have a silver plastic bezel with a set of Auto Meter "carbon fiber" gages that I'd be willing to sell if you are interested. Let me know and I can post some pictures.


Dec 26, 2016
They all look great. I make my own simple flat panels and remake them for instrument changes,
I made one of sheet steel and said "never again". I now use 1/16" aluminum as
it is so easy, especially with the right hole saws. Buying yours for a Camaro is wise as the shape is so complex. Although you can have them laser cut, realize that the pattern for
the cutter to follow must be a vector diagram, not a raster pattern made of pixels and although there are conversions from raster patterns, the problem is that a double line is generally produced. Laser cutting can't follow a double line as the machine dithers around and gives up.


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Dec 7, 2010
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I had a local guy hydrodip the carbon pattern. I am installing raingear wiper sysytem and the new switch will go in the upper right hole. I did have to enlarge the speedo and tach holes slightly to allow the gauges to fit.
I never posted an installed picture of the gauges and gauge panel. The wiper switch is on the upper right and is from the raingear wiper kit.


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