Considering Selling my 70 Z28


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Feb 25, 2002
Warner Robins, Ga
Thinking about selling my 70Z. It just seats in my garage and gets in my way. I'm 65 yrs old and have a bad hip and 2 bad knees and its getting harder and harder to get in and out. I love to drive it but i think someone else would really enjoy this car. I bought it as a shell with alot of parts. It took me 5 years to restore it but its not perfect but a real nice car. Does not have the original motor or transmission but has a high nickle 4 bolt main block, M20, 12 bolt rear axle with 3:55 but i still have the 4:10 in a box. I replaced all wire harnesses and took the paint down to metal. I don't need to sell but just think its time. Here are a few pic's


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Jul 7, 2000
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Tough call, I've had my car for 30+ years and it's going to stay with me, if your not going to enjoy the car sell it and get yourself a newer ragtop camaro or something you would enjoy that has some whistles and bells, it's easier getting in and out of a ragtop than a hardtop enjoy the ride with the top down on a sunny day with the flick of a switch.