Contacting someone at FBodywarehouse


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Mar 1, 2020
My view is any company big or small can be a good experience or bad so I don’t decide to patronize based on size of the business. I tend to shy away from newly emerging companies and/or do research before spending any cash. The reality is there are places like goat hill classics which are absymal while guys like brakeboosters dot com are simply amazing. Same thing with big companies like the parts place vs. classic industries.


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Oct 2, 2013
Give her hell if she has done your wrong. She took my boys (literally) and 225k from me, using my money and then now I have toi pay her lawyer fees.
Sorry Pete....You ran a clean show, and had awesome videos that help guide me through some things on my F-body. Much appreciated, and best of luck to you.

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