Crossroad Camaros


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Feb 23, 2018
Resurrection of an old thread

Just wondering if anyone is still watching this thread. Sorry I missed the reunion. I do recognize a few folks in one of those pics, Bob and Gary. I was a member in the early 80’s. Was actually appointed as a club rep for the Southern Cal Car Club Counsel. I have the big “69” air brushed on the back of my club jacket that’s still hang'in in my garage

Fred S

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Apr 1, 2018
My name is Fred. I joined the club in 1977 and I was past secretary. I had a 1968 camaro, gold. Names have faded over the years but I remember Clyde and Dena. I still have my yellow club jacket. Just recently bought a 2016 camaro. Moved out of California in 1985 and thinking about starting a new club in Arizona.
Wish I would have made the reunion.

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