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Oct 15, 2000
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Didn't the "factory" 4 bolt main big blocks have the 2 threaded bosses ports down by the oil filter for external oil cooler? I know my old ls-6 chevelle had them-that was a tell tale like the "dimples" on the ends of the rec port heads.Did the 396/402 4 bolts had them also? just a thought Later Steve!!


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Feb 7, 2006
ggtsvnv said:
I agree completely :cool: and what is the difference? My block does have molded into the side of it "Passanger Hipo" where as I have two other 402 blocks one from a 70 Chevelle Malibu that was a 2bbl engine and it doesn't have the passanger hipo on the side of it nor does the 70 truck block that I have.

On a side note I have heard about the L48 2 bolt main blocks and over the years I have had three different L48's that were 69 & 70's and they were all 4bolt blocks.

So maybe the 70 L-34 came both ways 2 bolt and 4 bolt?
FWIW, and with limited anecdotal evidence, all of he L-48's that I've seen torn down were 4 bolts. But I hear about 2 bolt L-48's all the time.

70 SS/L78

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May 5, 2005
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1970camaronut said:

Is this where trans partial VIN is ? Next to engine partial vin?

No, your picture shows a vin stamp on the engine block located along the bellhousing flange, just above the oil filter.
70 big block Norwood cars were stamped in that location and some Van Nuys cars.

The VIN stamp on the T400 transmissions were stamped on the drivers side just above the flange where the oil pan bolts on.

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