Dark Saddle interior is a b*%#€!


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Mar 21, 2011
San Jose, Ca.
I have been looking for lower door panels (mine has speaker holes) and upper covers that are sun damaged.

Can't find dark saddle vinyl paint that will match. (almost brown color)

Has anyone had any luck with finding these lower map pockets for the door on a LT type interior or dark saddle dye?
It's been a long time and I want to finish this interior.



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Oct 6, 2008
New Hampshire
SEM Products

Try SEM Product Stuff worked fine for me, my interior is the saddle color a little lighter then yours. I did received a dark saddle can from classic or NPD I'll see if i still have it Good luck


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Aug 9, 2003
belvidere illinois usa
if you paint the dark saddle, before you do it put a coat of adhesion promoter on first or the paint will peel off the plastic. my interior is dark saddle, also you will want to use paint on plastic and not the dye. classic sells the drark saddle and it matched well ive got a 71 camaro


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Feb 16, 2000
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I have all new never installed 70' "saddle seat covers" in std design................

Only thing is they dont match the OEM color.

Ive given up as to who made them. Ive checked with PUI and even received

$100 plus shipping