DashBoard Restoration and Paint Process????


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Dec 3, 2011
West Islip, New York
So i recently bought a donor car for my project, a 1981 Berlinetta. The interior is incredible and is the main reason that i believed him when he said the car had an original 45K miles. The problem is that it has some sun damage on the dash. To get to the point, i want to know exactly how to paint and prepare the entire dash board. I have SEM paint and primer and have already cleaned it with soap and water. I just feel that wet sanding plays a big part in dash painting. Has anyone else gone through the same?


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Jan 30, 2014
I know you do not want to sand it! year one and classic sell all the correct stuff you need.i have a 1979 dash out of a car I stripped it is blue take 80.00


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Mar 7, 2006
Watch the many videos we have on interior redye will get ya going right BTW I dont like the primer!