Date codes on voltage regulators

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    Cool. I came across mine by accident from a connection with my roofer. Mine was bought out of PA from a guy locally and he then sold it to the guy I bought it from and was sitting since 2002 or so. My roofer called me and said it was real nice and I had been on these type of goose chases before but once I looked it over I bought it and have enjoyed it ever since.

    It has the 230 inline with the 3 on the tree, manual brakes, manual steering, AM Radio, and upgraded N30 steering wheel.

    When found in 2013:


    Last Year:






    I've been having fun finding original date stamps and assembly line marks on it and over the winter some critter chewed up my heater hose and found out I had the wrong clamps on the hoses and finally got all of the parts to get that right. I'm not going to the extreme with "correct" date coded clamps and such but I did have to track down and original air pump setup which got removed at some point and for some reason had a 69 Camaro auto carb on it. I've since found the correct one and dated one that should be on the car.

    You know I have to ask but post pictures or links of your ride.

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    Oh! She's a beauty! Thanks! Good job rescuing her too! Your roofer has earned a kickback hasn't he... :)
    Mine is a mess :( but I'll take some pics soon and see if I can find some older ones.

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