Defund the Police?

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by Camarolina, Jun 8, 2020.

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    Lest there be any doubt...

    What were all those media types saying last week trying to run interference for all the wacko's who's votes they need in November?

    "Oh, <the chuckle condescendingly/dismissively> c'mon... those people saying "defund the police" don't really mean defund the police".

    No, they really meant abolish the police. These people just can't help themselves... they marinate in their hatred of the United States day in and day out, week after week, year after year... going back and forth on Twiiter, dreaming of the day when people like themselves gain power and they can usher in the next Bolshevik Revolution. Frankly I'm sure I'm not the only one who sees Stalin and Mao when I look in AOC's eyes...

    So when an "opportunity" arises, after convincing themselves that everyone agrees with them, they go whole hog, shoot for the moon, and start saying stupid $h!t like abolish the police. I'd be willing to bet the otherwise "sane" Democrats behind the scenes are saying "WTF are these people doing"? But they're stuck with these imbeciles as their constituency and they need the votes, so they can't publicly condemn them. Whatever collateral damage it generates is just fine with them as long as they regain power.
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    Video from first interaction till walked to police cruiser driver side.
    I'm still waiting for unredacted body cam footage with sound. You see the passenger side rear door opened with an officer struggling with Floyd?? He ends up on the ground outside the passenger side of the cruiser.
    The media doesn't show this video.

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    Also, WHAT?

    I've never said that Floyd deserved to die. I've never said that what Chauvin did was proper.

    Some people are seriously supporting mob/vigilante rule, vs a proper, thorough investigation. They presume that the only reason that Chauvin was fired and arrested are because of protests, looting and riots. It is my belief that the firing and arrest of Chauvin would most likely have come anyway under normal processes. If the investigation leads to a conviction, so be it.

    As to the firing and arrests of the other 3 officers, the mob/vigilante rule justice they demanded might cost the City of Minneapolis serious money if they are found to be innocent. Wrongful termination costs can be excessive.

    Of course, not nearly as big a financial loss as the city suffered through days of protesting, rioting and looting. $500,000,000+ in actual propertly damages plus the costs of protective services (Police Department, Sheriff's Department, State Patrol, Fire Department, First Responders and National Guard), we're well over $1,000,000.000.00 just in Minneapolis.

    One manufacturing firm that was torched during the rioting has already decided to relocate. 7 Mpls Police Officers have already resigned due to the lack of support for police and several others are currently in the process of resigning their positions.

    Can't say I blame them with the current state of affairs with the Mayor's inaction and the City Council's decision to defund the PD.
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    All of this is a no-win, no matter what side you pick to stand on. I wish the protesting could have remained non-violent and my opinion it would have had far more positive results for the protesters. The divide is widened by the media driving these stories in negative ways and leads to the mob/vigilante rule. All of this feeds off the next big story pushed by the media.
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