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Aug 13, 2008
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After driving the car daily for years the 350 engine I got from the 76 donor started to knock really loud. So I found a deal on Craigslist. Guy was selling a 355 th350 that he had in a 72 chevelle for $1500. Reason for selling was he wanted to swap in a big block. I went and looked at it, heard it run, went back two days later and bought it. The transmission had a "shift kit" I was told.
Well that engine and transmission combo just never really worked out for me. I couldn't get that engine running reliably for anything. It would run great then die and not want to start back up. The transmission was a PIA because it had to be manually shifted. I guess thats the "shift kit" on a auto 350.....

Still got the engine and trans. But I'm looking for something else in the meantime. The thing I hated the most about that engine other than it dying was that the cam on it doesn't have a fuel pump lobe. Didn't know that when I bought it. So it requires a electric fuel pump and that thing just gets on my nerves. I don't like to hear it huming. Yeah I'm kinda weird. I already got another transmission from an 81 Malibu. Now I just want to find a low cost 305 to throw in the 78. It doesn't need to go fast or be all fancy. I'm just trying to get to tractor supply on Friday nights to hang out with the guys.

Pics of the engine and trans I bought from the 72 chevelle. Still have them. I put that bow tie on there. The last time the 78 was on the road this is what powered her. The engine would smoke the heck out of my tires but like said I couldn't get it to be reliable. I even had guys look at it that I had met at shows who have actually built engines and stuff and they couldn't figure it out. That's when things took a turn for the worst and I pulled both the engine and trans out of the car for my LS swap idea which brought everything to a halt for the 12 years. These days I don't want to ls swap anything. First of all I have to admit that is way beyond my current capabilities. 2nd of all just give me a old hit and miss engine that starts with a a hand crank and I be happy, no wires nothing.


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