Dimension needed....


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Aug 18, 2011
Upstate New York
I am looking for a distance measurement to help me locate the fuel filter/regulator under the rear floor pan of my 1970 Camaro.
I have the body on a rotisserie, so no rear axle in the car.
I have a TanksInc tank with integral fuel pump, and I will be running the Corvette type filter regulator near the tank.
I am also running the transverse muffler style Pypes exhaust system, which makes locating the fuel lines and filter a bit more challenging.

I am looking for the distance from the top of the axle pumpkin, to the floor pan, with the car on the suspension, so at ride height.

The spot I have chosen with be above the pinion snubber, as high as possible above the rear end.

Any help is appreciated.


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May 19, 2000
Los Angeles
Ok, so on my '71 with a 10 bolt, I'm getting ~7" from what looks like the minimum clearance (as near as I can tell from crawling under the car really quick).

that's also based on a ~15" distance from axle centerline to fender lip to give another idea of where the axle is in relation to the car.

The caveat here is that I'd put a fairly healthy +/- on that dimension. The floor pan is contoured, so it's not exactly clear where the minimum clearance actually is (versus what I can see from my vantage point).

The other thing is there's a bracket that secures the connection between the steel brake line and the flexible brake line which is not factored into that 7" measurement.