Distributor and Oil Pump set up

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Chiefs75, Apr 4, 2011.

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    Working on my 81Z, (all computer stuff removed) prior to installing the the engine, didnt move it majorly, just a couple of degrees back and forth while working on getting everything back together.

    Ive got the engine installed, I put the eng at TDC, couldnt get the timing to line up right, in gettng the rotor to point at cyl 1 at TDC, before it would do that the vac adavnce would hit the trans fill tube, like the dist was off a notch or so.

    Pulled the dist, moved the oil pump shaft with a screwdriver, and dropped the dist back in, all lined up right. Rotor points at cyl 1 on dist cover, lined up with the mark I made on the valve cover when taking everything apart.

    I just want to verify, as long as it went back together smoothly and everything lines up, it should be good. I guess my concern is that the dist didnt engage the oil pump shaft. If that did occur, then it shouldnt be lining up etc. correct?

    Dont have alot of experince with this and just wanted some confirmation from the members on this site.

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    Don't worry, if it all fits like it should, it all fits like it should.

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