Do springs actually settle?


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Sep 15, 1999
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During winter storage add some sand bags in the engine compartment.
My ‘78 when it was new.


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Apr 16, 2004
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If only they could(or would) differentiate Nova leaf springs from Camaro leaf springs,that would be great.
Agreed, I went through that. I was sold the "correct" leafs and my car sat way too high. Was told to wait until the car was 99% complete and it will settle......right. I had to junk them and eat the cost. Bought springs from JRS springs and got the perfect ride height.


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Feb 11, 2011
First Thank You for buying our springs. A few tips when installing coils springs. 1st, do not tighten anything up until the car is at least 97.7% complete. Remember springs support weight and all that stuff that is not yet installed equal weight.

Second, make sure the car is sitting on the ground and on the wheels and tires that she will be riding on before tightening things up.

Third, if she is equipped with a sway bar, take it loose before tightening things up. Jacking the car up and taking the control arm loose when changing the coils have been know to let the sway bar get in the wrong position when putting in new coils. So take it loose when changing the springs so it goes back into the right place.

Finally after all the work is her. And I mean like you stole her. Get those springs to work, let 'em flex, let 'em take a seat.
Thanks for your advice,,, if more manufacturers/supplies contributed on this site there would be far fewer problems encountered by the members. Qudo's to Eaton.


Dec 28, 2021
If only they could(or would) differentiate Nova leaf springs from Camaro leaf springs,that would be great.
Starting to wonder if thats why my damn rear sits so freaking lost (stole) my leaf springs originally and got rushed a replacement set after inhad waited 18 weeks and i swear they sit exactly the same as my stock ones did and nothing like what the pictures online showing them with 17" wheels do...

Edit: i did not tighten it down until it was all back under the car since i did a 9" swap at the same time and neesed to set pinion angle and everything else.