Do you install all the accessories then drop the engine in?


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Mar 13, 1999
Brighton, MI
I put mine back in with the water pump on, alternator off, PS pump and A/C compressor folded back out of the way(hoses still connected).

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Aug 6, 2002
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I put the engine in with as much installed on it as I can. Much easier to bolt parts on with engine on stand or hanging in air on cherry picker, rather than bending over fender or laying under car.

flexplate, starter, water pump, fuel pump, alt., damper, crank pulley, water pump pulley, water neck, temp sender, transmission, torque converter, trans dip stick, engine oil dip stick, valve covers... All goes on before installing engine into car.

Keep the carb and dist. off until engine is in.

Power steering pump and bracket stays on car, lines stays hooked up and just moved over onto the gear box.