Do you really drive your car?


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Sep 20, 2009
So Central PA
Todd80Z28 said:
Did you rack up all 300k miles on yours? I've put about 75k on mine in 21.5 years of owning it, most of those put on '95-'98 when I drove 45 miles/day to work and back. I've only averaged 1500-2000 miles/year since.
I have up from 40 to 18,559 miles on a year over the years, it was a daily driver type till 1991 ?

I have driving it to most states ( or 34 or 37) except the Northwest (I was in the Air Force for a while & that is how I got around the US)

I found my old records :) after 1997 I stated keeping my records in Quicken :)


Yes for a while I had an hour meter on my car (GEEK)
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