dodge challenger and charger to be discontinued


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Apr 21, 2004
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I seen the YouTube video earlier.
- Challenger Drag Pack rolling chassis ($90K)
- Challenger body only ($8K)
- Drop top Challenger
- Hellcat Durango
- Full carbon fiber '70 Charger body with a Cuda and Dayton on the way
- Hornet, Hornet R/T and Hornet GLH announced today.

There will be special "final year" Challenger and Chargers but you can't order them apparently they get allocated to select dealers.

I recently bought a 2022 Charger R/T in Go Mango. (I know, I know not a Camaro) I wanted a Camaro (in orange crush), but after my 4th Gen went down and I had moved over to a 4 door car. I like having the extra room. I still got my 4th Gen and my '71 though.



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Aug 1, 1999
I'd think the EV is much cheaper to build than the ICE auto. Consider all that goes into the engine, transmission, differential, cooling, fuel storage and delivery, emissions control, exhaust, etc. Mining, smelting, casting, machining, assembly, all the transporting. As opposed to a couple Chinese motors, battery pack assembly replacing those items. And the price is higher in some cases. I can't believe people actually pay the price for a Tesla.


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Mar 25, 1999
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I'm surprised they've lasted this long for a number of reasons. While Hellcats have a lot of power, they simply aren't very quick at anything other than a straight line. Most of the car magazines don't bother including them in shootouts as they simply aren't competitive with anything in their class.


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Sep 1, 2018
"What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence."
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You can't quote that signature when dodge's parent company themselves have literally confirmed it.
Some of you guys should poke your head out of the ground.
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Aug 8, 2014
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With the big push to electric, makes you wonder how long our old cars will be viable.
There are companies converting them to electric now, I think I'd sell mine before converting.


Feb 2, 2014
Good there’s too many already and for some reason they drive around with them crash protectors on spoiler that looks hilarious


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May 21, 2014
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I'm still considering a modern muscle purchase next year (Charger or Camaro, no Mustang). Guess I'll need to get on it. If it's a feeding frenzy with bloated prices, I'll pass and maybe buy a 67 Goat before I croak. Then I'll be limited to just another DDD (daily disposable driver) purchase.

As far as the Big Three going electric, it's a bit sad to see but that's progress. Whether progress is a bad or good thing is just opinion to me. I don't despise EVs but I won't buy one. I'm just not interested in them.


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May 19, 2000
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If there was a plan to intentionally crash electric grid in a way that the general public wouldnt notice until it was too late, I'm not sure what industry and government would be doing differently.