Dome light 80Z


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Larry, I have not found the issue. Just playing with it a little today. Recap:

I tested power to one side of the dome connector that hold the bulb. Have power, so it’s a ground issue.

let me know if you find anything and I’ll post back here if I find it.


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The door switch is activating all of the other courtesy lights. I believe that I found where the two white wires go into the front drivers kick panel to the door switch. It has a connector before it goes down into the kick and it doesn’t come apart easily. Still looking around.


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Validations today. There is power to one side of the dome light. Both wires in the dome are white and I found those two white wires in the drivers side trunk area. The power is coming from one of those wires and I tested the other ground wire by connecting a 9V battery at the dome to the ground side. I was able to pick up 9V in the trunk from that white wire. So there is no disconnect between the trunk and the dome.

Possibly the connection in the trunk is the problem, or between the trunk and the under dash. I’m thinking through the best way to test the connection in the trunk. I’m not sure what steps to do under the dash either. Potentially, I can tie into that ground that is working from the door switches and run a new wire back to the trunk.

Any ideas from the group are welcome.


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Dome light on 80 z28 is working now.

I tested the white wire coming into the drivers side trunk, right before it junctions to the wires going back in and up to the dome. The white wire was not ground. I ended up tying into the driver side floor light white wire and running a new wire back to the trunk. Connected that new wire into the junction point (where the two wires head back up to the dome).

All is well and good. I’m not sure where the break was in the original white ground. It’s 40 years old and more than a few geezers playing around under the dash over those years.

hope this thread helps someone else down the road.


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Feb 26, 2004
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Glad you figured it out and reported the fix.

Good Job!

When I bought my car, the dome light stayed on all the time.
(The bulb had been removed.)

The previous owner had installed indoor/outdoor carpet and used sheet rock screws under the sill plate to hold it down. :crazy:

One of those screws had been run through the harness and grounded the dome light circuit to the body.

I didn’t figure it out until I replaced the carpet.

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