Door gap


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Apr 3, 2010
When my '77LT was new, it seems that the door-to-fender was a bit larger than the door-to-quarter gap. Then I looked at the dynamics and determined that the door-to-fender gap was that way because of the way the door opened and had to clear the fender doing that. So it was left alone.

Now, on the hood to header panel, it appeared that the hood was off-center to the header, when it was not. The easy way out was to get a file and file the center of the header panel to better match the hood front, which was better than production.

Trying to finesse these cars to more modern fit standards can be a lost cause. Which is why some of the adjustment slots for the sheet metal are what they are. Some tweaks/betterment might be possible, but perfection is usually not within reach, it seems, unless the car body might be "blueprinted" like an engine.

Just some observations,

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