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Nov 10, 2009
Do any of y’all remove door by removing the hinge pins? I would like to do this because I have my doors aligned the best they have been in years, lol. I’ve seen videos of people doing this procedure but not on a 2nd gen Camaro. As yall know these doors weigh a ton. Any tips or tricks or pics on removing them? I replaced the hinges years ago and one of the pins is facing the wrong way so I’m sure I will have to cut it and replace with a new one. Just looking for some info or tips before I tear into this. Thanks


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Jul 7, 2021
I am sure it can be done, but I will tell you it will be the hardest way of doing it. You will have to find a way to keep the door perfectly square in order to get those pins out because if there is a slightest twist those pins will not move.

Also when it comes back to installing the door you have to be extremely careful aligning the hinges because if you clip one of those bushings they will break. They break very easily so even when putting the pins back in if things are not aligned right you could end up cracking or breaking the bushing.

I would try and do one at a time and not remove the door completely. Not sure if you would be able to get the new bushing in that way but you could try. You will need at least one friend even better with two friends.

Good luck


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Feb 26, 2004
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What's the goal and reason for removing the doors?

If they are already aligned nicely... Drill a 1/8" hole through the hinges and door panel so you can put them in exactly the same place.

Once the doors are off, you can work on the hinges.
If the hinges need to come off the car you can use the 1/8" hole technique on that side of the hinge too.

A door cradle will be a valuable tool if the car is painted and you are worried about chips while maneuvering the doors in and out of place.


Nov 11, 2015
Greenville SC
I removed my doors by removing the pins before painting. I had the same concerns. I have recently reinstalled. No issues and alignment was spot on. See this thread. Has some information..

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Mar 31, 2007
Detroit, MI
What makes you think the pin is facing the wrong way? On my 70 three pins face up and the lower passenger hinge pin faces down.


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Aug 1, 1999
I just cut the pins and push them out. Hard part is getting that spring back in. That thing is stiff and hard to get to.


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Sep 24, 2014
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I just cut the pins and push them out. Hard part is getting that spring back in. That thing is stiff and hard to get to.

Everyone with a 2nd gen should have this tool, cause sooner or later you'll need one lol. They're great for getting the spring out and putting it back in.

Mine is made by Steck. It's got a work-out over the years.

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