Door panel fasteners

Mar 13, 2020
Rochester, NY
Hello again - have a '72 but door panels were never original and I purchased the pieces (upper, middle and lower) and have questions on screws. Appears the upper door panel rail screws to the door but the screw head should be nearly flat - wondering what screw/type to use? Next, the armrest bracket screws to the door - again, what size/type screw? Next, once the lower panel is mounted, I believe there's two screws that go through it into the armrest bracket just ahead of the arm rest mount area and of course, the four screws that go through the upper portion of the lower panel into the door. I have the remaining fasteners but was wondering if anyone has a diagram such as Fisher body that defines these? I did make the mistake of not originally ordering the inner window felts but did book the order last night. Won't be ready for the show this weekend but will still be representing. FYI the panels on the doors currently are some slightly modified '73 Z-28/LT panels I acquired from a bone yard about 30 years ago - time to make it right :) Thanks in advance.

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