door speaker 1978 door panel in my 71

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    10 Sep 2020: found a simple solution

    Speaker location preference is the metal door frame but behind the door panel is acceptable

    Looking at the install in layers, configuration is the same for both mount locations
    grill cover
    retainer ring w screw holes (cover goes over the retainer)
    door panel
    insulation tape on speaker face (speaker - door panel gap elimination)
    insulation tape on backside of speaker frame (speaker - door surface gap elimination)
    door surface (indented low areas built up for a level surface)

    When the door panel is installed both locations will have a speaker gap but on different sides. Pressure is not sufficient or uniform keeping the gap from completely closing.
    --mounted to door surface, a gap between door panel and speaker
    --mounted to door panel backside, the gap between speaker frame and door surface

    I have hung the door panels but not installed the speakers.

    Any thoughts how to close the speaker gap?
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