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Dirt Reynolds

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Jan 17, 2003
BC, Canada
1977camaro owner said:
Keep up the good work and keep us informed on these Vortec Heads From the size of the view's it seems to be appreciated by alot of people

Thanks for the words, much appreciated. :cool:


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Dec 5, 2020
There's a lot of great advice here. I'm building the following 89 IROC and since this is my first Gen 3, I'm hoping that I am on the right track,

UMI Subframe Connectors
UMI K Member
UMI TH400 Transmission Xmember
QA1 Level 3 handling kit
QA1 Level 2 drag struts & shocks
Weld S72 17x10/17x5
MT Street SS drag radials
10pt cage
Alston dash with Holley data logging
Minimalist wiring
E86 headlights
Currie 9in 3.89 truetrac Baer SS4 brakes
388 sbc decked 9.000
Flat top 2 relief Pistons w Moly Rings
Eagle Crank
5.7 Speedmaster rods
Comp Cams 286hr 5.60/5.60 110cl
Edelbrock Super Victor II
Nitrous Outlet 300hp
Fitech GoEFI 8
American Racing 1-3/4 headers
Custom 3in Exhaust

Not 100% if I'm on the right path but this is where I think I'm going

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Mar 27, 2016
You are on the right track, just wrong forum, this is a 2nd gen forum, and the thread is old, from 2006 , you want the 3rd gen forums for your questions and help, with your project, sounds like a fun car!!


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Dec 9, 2022
Well I am Finally putting my 77 Back on the Road With a moderate street 355 I have been waiting since 2002 ,To finally convinced myself not to let this car be a drag car And It deserves More street attention, A mint no rust ever car original floor pans etc.working on that project now. I finally don't want to batter my second Gen Anymore.

My next question needs some drag race expertise we have finally decided to make my sons 1987 3rd gen a designate drag car Please let me know if I am Headin in the right direction re: a build up Bringing weight to 3250 With driver
383 Stroker W/062 Vortec Heads ,xe274s Solid flat tappet 501/510,236/242 @50*Flat top speed pro Pistons with coated skirts Hoping to get 10.3:1 Comp
Victor jr Intake 750 Holley D/P Carb 350 Turbo trannie w/tci 3500 Stall 5.7 bushed rods 7 Qt Pan With Windage tray and crank scraper, 1 5/8 Long tube headers w 3" collectors 410 Gears 28" Slicks block decked to .005 This block is fresh machining wise .30 over Bored Torque plated and honed

Changes to car definately lightened up to 3000 Plus driver front 90/10 drag struts moroso trick coils rear CE ladder link bars Coil overs with an 8.5 donor 410 rear end with c-clip elim and spool standard steering Electric water pump Electric cooling fan Hoping to shift at 6000 and run 11:50'sor so Do you think this is possible Iam open to any suggestions to make this better as There seems to be alot of smart people giving advice on this forum Should I change my lobe centre line to 104 by advancing the cam or just put it in straight up @106 Do I have enough cam in the first place?? Your help would be much appreciated I also have the option of going with Aluminum heads flowing 252cfm @ 500 Lift would this be much bbetter than the vortecs?

Thanx Ron
Shift it at 6800 or 7000. It's a small block. Remember POWER IS IN THE CYLINDER HEADS, it's just a big air pump. Air Flow Research 195 Eliminator heads are unreal.

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