Dropping a 5.3 LM7 in 79 Z28

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    Hi there:
    I am in the process of swapping my 5.7 with a 5.3 LM7. In this process I have come across few questions that I need answers fore and I was hoping you can point me to a direction if you don't know the answer. Also I am hoping I can be of any help to other members who plan to go the same route.
    This is a brief summary of what is going on:
    - Engine: Stock 5.3 from 2001 Tahoe which came with all wiring, ECU and accessories minus the starter. I am modifying the stock wiring harness myself and I will use lt1.com to reprogram the ECU. I have changed all the seals and gaskets.
    - LS1 oil pan, stock intake and throttle body.
    - My TH350, with advanced adaptor flex plate, since it was rebuilt and slightly modified a year ago. Stock torque converter (unless you have some other ideas)
    - Tanks inc fuel tank, fuel pump and installation kit including fuel filter and regulator (which I have a question about later).
    - Dakota Digital VHX instrument panel.

    So, these are some of the questions that I have:
    1- I am not planning to run an A/C at this point therefore I don't plan to install the A/C compressor which came with engine. The belt tensioner on LM7 attaches to A/C bracket. Since I don't use the A/C I was hoping not to have the bracket for cleaner look. Any idea about how to attach the tensioner and also what size belt to use? Pictures would be great.
    I know after market brackets could be an option but since this is my only standing issue with brackets, I don't feel like spending hundreds.
    2- Tanks inc fuel filter/regulator has a return line. Based on instruction (and I have confirmed this with their tech department) I should use this line as the return line and block the return line on engine fuel rail. Does this sound right? I guess if regulator regulate the pressure, the is no reason for fuel rail have a return line.
    3- DD instrument panel came with SEN-01-5 speed sensor adapter. I have some issues with connecting the harness VSS to this adaptor since it has 3 wires (red,white and blue). I have been in touch with DD tech support but they basically told me to buy another two wire adapter and when I asked about this 3 wire adapter which came in the kit, the contact went cold! Any experience in this regard?

    I plan to post some pictures as soon as I get a chance to down load them as I move forward.
    Thanks for the help.
    By the way, this is my first swap and I don't have much knowledge/experience with electronic and wiring therefore explain your answers in a very basic fashion :) Thanks again.

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