Dry Sump SBC


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Jan 16, 2009
Bellevue, NE
Hi all!

I have a dedicated autox car, 81 Camaro. Running in C Prepared, so gutted, caged, flared, lots of fiberglass, big slicks. I am wanting to add a dry sump to the car, as we can easily uncover the oil pump pickup on course. I do have an accusump, but I would like to look at upgrading to a drysump. Do any of you have a dry sump setup on a SBC 2nd gen, with stock engine mounts and stock subframe? If so, can you share any pics and info? Pump brand, number of stages, etc.? Everyone is telling me that there is no way to fit one with a stock subframe and stock engine mount location. Unfortunately, I need to keep those things to stay legal in my class.

Thanks for any info and help!

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