DSAT (down syndrome assoc of tulsa)

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    Join us for DSAT (down syndrome association of tulsa)...

    Date/Time: Sunday, October 16, 2011 from 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

    Location: Union Public School's Central Park in Tulsa. (62nd & Mingo, Tulsa, 74133.) Central Park is located south of the Union 6/7 Grade Center.

    *No early entry.

    Parking: Asbury United Methodist Church located at 6767 South Mingo Road, Tulsa, OK 74133 (click for map). Please park in eastern parking lot and a shuttle will take you 5 blocks to the walk. You are welcome to walk too if you prefer.

    "VIB" Parking Pass -- For those individuals who raise $1,000 or more, you will receive a "VIB" (Very Important Buddy) parking pass. You must present this at the entrance to the VIB parking area located at the Union 6/7 Grade Center's west parking lot located at 10100 E 61st St
    Tulsa, OK 74133 (click for map).

    Volunteer parking will be located in the Union 6/7 Grade Center in designated parking.

    Food: McDonald's: chicken nuggets, apple dippers and hamburgers.
    Panera Bread: bagels
    Borden's: ice cream sandwiches and popsicles.
    Gluten-Free Selections
    Merritt's: Cookies
    Shriner Popcorn Wagon

    Samantha Rose
    Sky Divers

    Bounce Houses
    Carnival Games
    Tulsa Street Scene cars
    Tulsa Fire Dept, EMSA and Police cars
    Juggler and Clowns
    Young Adult Zone
    Raffle Basket drawings
    Team Photo Opportunities
    Shriner Mini Cars

    Oklahoma Family Resource
    Celiac Support Group
    Helping Hooves
    Oklahoma Family Network
    Mended Little Hearts
    Special Olympics
    Midfirst Bank Fundraising Van
    Challenger League
    Tulsa Street Scene
    Andrea Shaw Photography
    Safari Joe's of Adair
    Shriners's popcorn wagon
    Buddy Bookworm
    Tulsa Library Bookmobile
    Tulsa Oilers
    Shriners Mini- cars
    National Guard
    Tulsa Shocks
    Victor Anderson Pipe Band
    Tulsa 66ers
    Early Intervention/Special Education:
    Best Buy
    ORU cheerleaders and mascot
    Civil Air Patrol
    Tulsa County Sheriff Office
    Tulsa Children's Museum
    TU Mascot and cheerleaders
    Camp Fire
    Little Gym
    Down Syndrome Footprint
    Tulsa Talons
    Grogg's Green Barn
    Midtown Performing Arts
    Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa
    Tulsa Police
    Tulsa Fire Department
    Green Country Classic Mustang Club
    Tulsa Street Scene Hotties Promo Team
    Tulsa Street Scene Car Club

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