Dual Master cylinder with balance bar - more information needed

Discussion in 'Custom Works' started by roadrace2, Dec 10, 2017.

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    Figured I add in to this thread to help, I have had my CNC master set up frim Keith for about a year now and drive my car quite frequently when I can!

    My brake setup is factory style front rotor with D52 wilwood bolt on calipers and wilwood “floating” rear caliper kit.

    The Dual Master is great for instant tuning within changing the pressure from front to rear brakes by the use of the balance bar. As far as pedal feel, it gives you a firm feel allowing you to have great contol within braking to accurately control your vehicle. From my own point of view on how hard you have to push, it doesn’t seem like I have to abnormally apply excessive amount of pressure, it functions like any other manual master. Personally I really like being able to feel the pressure so that I don’t overbrake as if I were using a power or hydroboost. By all means with a rumbly engine and loud exhaust I don’t expect my Camaro to be as comfortable as a luxury car, my main concern is to have it accurately perform and fuction when it needs to!

    Hope this helps any others interested in this route! I have been very satisfied with it as I went through countless brake combinations that failed to meet my need!

    Goodluck Gen II friends and family!
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    Hi ratpatrol71z28, so when you say " I went through countless brake combinations that failed to meet my need" were you changing the brake system, MC, prop valve, or trying other braking systems , eliminating the old rear drums , better front calipers , I just want to better understand your praise for this system, as I don't want 18" rims if I can help it, so I want to get if this system with a subtle braking upgrade , made a noticeable difference , if you can understand what the hell I am asking, HAA HA

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