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Discussion in 'Auctions and Online Sales' started by stafs05, Jun 10, 2021.

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    Glad I could help!

    I've been an ebayer for 20+ years. Sold and bought several cars- not to mention numerous parts. I really like that most of the sellers have been the small guys.

    Unfortunately the big guys have moved in - and now all the tons of direct Chinah crap- a lot of that is totally knock off stuff with no repercussions. Definitely copyright infringement- intellectual property theft.

    Obama once said- "Oh- we're not going to make Grandma pay for selling beanie babies on the internet." Next year - if grandma sells more than $600 she will be paying Income tax on it.

    Yes- THAT'S WHAT I SAID- next year-if you sell more than $600 on eBay/Etsy others - you will be 1099ed.


    "Starting next year, the federal threshold for issuing the 1099-K will drop to $600 with no minimum transaction level, due to a provision in the recently enacted American Rescue Plan Act.
    Generally speaking, if you’re selling to make a profit for reasons that go beyond nurturing a hobby, you probably would be considered a business owner for tax purposes. For instance, if you regularly buy clothes at yard sales (or other discounted spots) and sell them — whether online or not — with the intent of making a profit, that counts."

    Oh-FYI- my wife spent 30 years with the IRS- retired a couple years ago. The are paying her a premium to comeback and teach new hires. Yep- in the works to hire 87,000 new employees...
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    There are worst things. I rather have a transaction canceled than a part that was misrepresented. You’re not out any money...but being told a condition of parts are better than they are and you are stuck with them sucks worse.
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    I have to agree, I mean I got hurt on eBay more than once but I have done nearly 1000 deals that worked out well. I rarely sell but buy stuff all the time because it works for me. But I do understand were it might not work for others.

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