Edelbrock Carb linkage


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Apr 30, 2003
Guyton,Ga. USA
Looking for suggestions/pics on a nicer setup. Im having to use a bigass return spring as well...


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Jun 8, 2005
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I run this with a lokar cable & stock trans kickdown cable.

A little pricey but works nicely and can adjust spring pressure on the fly as needed.
Smoothest throttle I ever had.

You can use the stock accelerator hole in firewall by adding a couple of fender washers

This will work on stock accelerator pedal.
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Apr 3, 2010
I've used a normal stock 4bbl cable bracket for quite some time. NO hang-ups, ever. My cables run "straight" with no sags as in the picture. Mounts on the lh rr carb mounting stud, with the tang which folds into a hole on the carb base. GM had a selection of styles of those mounts, over the years. Depending upon which trans cable set-up and such.

The carb should have a return spring wrapped around the primary throttle shaft? I know my 9895 Holley does. The OEM return springS were lower tension and the smaller one was mounted inside of the larger spring, hooked to the same places. As one back-up the other one.

Personally, I like the OEM look of things. It's less expensive and works well for me.


jeff swisher

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Apr 26, 2018
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I have used what you have or I should say worked on those on others vehicles.
Couple things to address.
That kick down lower cable.
The black plastic sheathing is sitting right against the metal linkage ..Linkage arm in front of it.
I have seen the base of that metal hook on that plastic and not allow the throttle to close all the way.

It just floats around anyway.

Make certain NO carpet or carpet pad or firewall insulation is allowing the gas pedal mechanism to hang up.

If none of the above works then do this.

With engine off slowly press the gas pedal to the floor and slowly release it and look at the carb linkage and find out where things are hanging up.

Disconnect throttle linkage and test by hand at the carb and see where it is hanging up.

That linkage you have there if you have it tight will work.
I have had to drill the slots on some of those and install better fasteners. (Nuts and bolts)

Some of those China deals come with the smallest fasteners that strip out before you can get them tight.
Nice concept just needs better hardware.

I use the factory steel brackets and weld and or modify them to fit my stuff by the way.
I hate buying things especially aftermarket bling bling goodies.