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    FYI: This is for anyone who comes across one of these original PRO Flow systems and is looking for information on it and wants to retrofit it to their car. This is a summary of what I have learned about it and helpful links. Considering there is so little information on these you may be able to get a deal on one.

    My father in law pulled out a 1968 Pontiac lemans from the weeds in someones yard. The hood would not open so we did not know even what engine it had in it. After we got it open we found out that it has a small block chevy 400 engine with a edelbrock pro flow 3500 in it. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information/documentation on this system. I called edelbrock support and they told me to reach out to a tuner who may have worked with this system if I want any support. They dont have anyone at edlebrock anymore who has worked with this system. So after a lot of reading and research I decided to post what I have learned to help anyone out who might have this system. I am no EFI expert but I have converted my 1972 camaro from a carburetor to EFI using a ECU from a 1986-89 Camaro or Firebird commonly referred to as a '165' ECU. I am running custom code that guys in Australia made called OSE12P. The '165' ECU has a some similarities to the edlebrock 3500 that I will be important when I get into it later. The first place to start is do you have a Gen 1 Pro-Flo or a Gen 2 Pro Flow. The Pro-Flo Gen 1 has a silver ECU and the Gen 2 has a red ECU. I have posted pictures below so you can see the difference. Now to determine specifically which of the three gen 1 pro flos that you have specifically 3500, 3503, 3507. Look at the the pictures of each of the systems in the manual below. Specifically look at the position of the coolant temp sensors next to your thermostat housing. All three systems have the coolant temp sensors in different locations. The 3500 also has a specific fuel pressure regulator. All three systems are sequential injection meaning the fire when the intake valve is open on that cylinder. Unlike GM injection systems from the 80s which are batch fire the gen 1 pro flo uses a TFI system that ford used during the 80s to make all 8 injectors fire sequentially. When the system was new you would install a metal reluctor ring under your distributors rotor and that passes through a hall effect sensor. There was no room for the ignition module that is normally in the distributor so they have a box they call a "ignition amplifier". The ignition amplifier is just a box that holds the 7 pin GM ignition module from the 80s. So if it fails you just drill out the rivets and get a new one. The pro flo gen 1 uses a narrow band o2 sensor. This sensor is more like a switch and just goes between rich/lean but the ECU does not know how much. There is no air fuel ratio on the hand held just an LED that changes colors green rich/red lean. If you plan to use this system I would suggest getting a separate wideband sensor with a gauge or a wideband with narrowband emulator like the spartan 2 from 14point7 to get your tune right. Starting with the Pro flo 2 system you could load different tunes onto the ECU and make tuning changes with a laptop. The Pro Flo 2 system has two serial connectors one for the handheld and one for a computer for custom tuning using the Power to Win software on Edelbrock's legacy support page. The Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 1 only has one serial connector and you cannot use Edelbrock's Power to Win software to tune this ECU. The only way you can use a computer to tune the Gen 1 Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 1 is using the Tuner Cat software. I have not done this so I am not sure if you tune via the serial cable or if you have to pull the chip from the ECU. Contacting Tuner Cat for the details would be the way to go here. There is a sticky thread for the 'chips' that the pro flo gen 1 could have came with. Unfortunately it does not tell you how to verify what chip you have. You have to physically open your ECU and there will be a chip with a sticker that will tell you what configuration you have saved to the chip. I put a picture below so you can see what I am referring too. You dont want to buy a Pro Flo Gen 1 ECU with a configuration for a radical cam when you just have a stock cam for example. The chip that is installed is a 27C256 28 pin chip. This type of chip is found commonly in the aftermarket and in some factory ECU. The '165' ECU that I am using from a 86-89 camaro uses a 28 pin aftermarket chip 27SF512. Theoretically if Edelbrock was nice and released the .bins for all of the chips for this ECU that could have came with you could buy an aftermarket chip and write any configuration to your chip for the cam of your choice. To reprogram this style of chip you would have to use a programmer/eraser like the Burn 2 programmer from Moates.net I doubt that will ever happen and I doubt you could get a different chip if you needed it from edelbrock at this point. Hopefully this information will help someone someday to identify what system they have and and what it is capable of.

    Pro Flo Gen 1 Specs Part Number 3500, 3503, 3507
    ECU Chip: 27C256 28-Pin Chip
    Fuel Pressure: 45-50 PSI Running/High 30's Low 40s PSI w/Vacuum applied to fuel pressure regulator
    TPS Setting: Use handheld to set the TPS to 13 degrees.
    Ignition: 7 + 1 Ford TFI set to 10 degrees before top dead center at 1500RPM
    Fuel Injection Method: Sequential Injection
    Injector Impedance: Only use high impedance injectors low impedance could damage the ECU
    Injector Size Part Number 3500: 28lb/hr 50PSI // Edelbrock #3598
    Injector Size Part Number 3503 & 3507: 29lb/hr 42-45PSI // Edelbrock #3853
    O2 Sensor Type: Heated Narrowband O2
    Ignition Amplifier: Edelbrock #3518 (This is just a fancy box containing a GM 7 pin ignition module in a large cap HEI distributor that you would find in a 86 Camaro)
    Fuel Pump Relay: Edelbrock #3586
    MAP Sensor: GM 16006835
    Manifold Air Temp Sensor: GM 25036751
    Coolant Temp Sensor: GM 25036979
    TPS Sensor: Edelbrock #3590 (No Longer Produced https://forums.edelbrock.com/forum/p...lability/page4)
    O2 Sensor: Edelbrock #3591
    Fuel Pressure Regulator 3500 Only: Edelbrock #3597 (No Longer Produced use a fuel pressure regulator from a 1986-89 camaro/firebird)
    Hall Effect Sensor: Edelbrock #3517 (No Longer Produced https://forums.edelbrock.com/forum/p...-chevy-350-383)
    Idle Air Control Valve: Ford FOAE-9F715 B1A ( 1990 Ford Bronco 5.8L/351 Winsor)

    Manual For Pro Flo Gen 1 Part Numbers 3500, 3503, 3507: https://static.summitracing.com/glob...oefisystem.pdf
    Link to Tuner Cat: http://www.tunercat.com/tnr_desc/ecm_sup.html#edelbrock
    Tuner Cat Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 1 Tuning Capabilities: http://www.tunercat.com/pdfs/ECM_3500.pdf
    Pro Flo Gen 1 Chip Numbers: https://forums.edelbrock.com/forum/p...o-chip-numbers
    27SF512 Aftermarket 28 Pin Rewriteable Chip: http://www.moates.net/c2-sst-27sf512....html?cPath=26
    Aftermarket Chip Writer/Eraser: http://www.moates.net/burn2-chip-pro....html?cPath=64
    Detailed Info Hall Effect Sensor: https://forums.edelbrock.com/forum/p...some-questions
    Basic Info About Hall Effect Sensor: https://forums.edelbrock.com/forum/p...4177#post24177

    Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 1 ECU:


    Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 2 ECU:


    Edelbrock Pro Flo Gen 1 Chip Identification:

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