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Jul 4, 2019
I got a 350 in my '73 Z28 (obviously) I want to swap an engine. I was thinking about a LS376/525, but after talking with some friends I think I might place a zz572/720R. I like the LS engine because of how simple it is to swap one due to the guides online. I want something that is fast af without drawing a lot of attention and can be driven for fun.
Do you think a 572 cubic inch engine will fit without changing/modifying the hood? :crazy::D:D

Edit: 95% sure the ZZ572 Engine wont fit
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Oct 2, 2018
Big blocks came in these cars (obviously not in z28s but in SS models). However the 572 is a tall deck I believe so probably won't fit with the AC box, should clear the brake booster. Definitely not with the tall valve covers. Also there is no mechanical fuel pump, the block has the boss but I don't think the cam has the lobe. And the oil pan might not work and of course you will probably need a hole in the hood (cowl hood). Good luck I like the new engines but there is nothing like the sound of a BBC at 7000 rpm.

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