Exhaust Rattle on Leaf Springs?

Jun 15, 2016
Eden Prairie, MN
Hi again everyone. Been a boring winter not much to do. Got a quick question for you maybe someone has some experience with this. I got my new exhaust system installed last summer on my 79 Z28 (factory style exhaust) and I would notice a rattling noice from the back of the car when it was in idle or low rev's (less than 1,000 RPM's) and i went back to listen and it was the exhaust rattling/rubbing on the leaf springs. I am wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? I tried some fiberglass wrap on it with those high temp zip ties but it always unraveled and fell off. Im thinking i need some sort of high temp rubber or something to go around the exhaust and sty between the leaf spring and the exhaust pipe. It does it on both sides. Any ideas would be awesome!



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Dec 22, 2011
San Antonio Tx
There is a bracket that connects to the pipe with a U type exhaust clamp. It is adjustable some what. Whoever installed your exhaust might or might not of use it.

Jim Streib

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Apr 6, 2004
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I would see if any hangers could be adjusted or possibly a pipe bent or flattened in area's to get the needed clearance.

I know on my 68 Nova, the new exhaust system I'm getting will have the end portion of the tailpipe flattened to fit between the leaf spring and the bottom edge of the quarter panel just like how it was originally. Luckily the car still had the original tailpipe on it for reference and the company bending up the new system has the original blueprints to have the new exhaust system exactly like the original one.

The original tailpipe flattened for clearance (granted the pipes started as 2" and then flattened to 1.5" meaning this only gained a 1/4" on each side but I guess it's what was needed):






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Mar 23, 1999
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Like others have said, it should not be near the leaf springs. Here are some shots of my original exhaust if that helps.