Exhaust recommendations for a sleeperish type sound?

Jan 15, 2018
Orchard Park NY
I'm in the process of installing a 6.0 LQ4 into my 76. I installed a BTR, stage 2 cam, long tube headers, and a couple of other performance enhancements as well. I haven't started the engine yet (in the next week or so) but I'm starting to think I probably should have gone with a stage 1? I don't like too much noise and a really lumpy idle. A little bit of attitude is fine. I know, I guess I'm officially old... That said, I'm hoping to make it fairly tame sounding with the terminator X tuning and a proper exhaust. Is there an exhaust system/mufflers that will provide a fairly quite tone (especially sitting at a red light), without choking out the performance enhancements? Also, nice and quite when cursing in 5th (TKX) gear would be great as well. When I'm on it, I want a little rumble/attitude.. :)

Thanks again for all the help/recommendations!

BTR Specs: 227/238 .620"/.605" 113.5+2.5


Jan 12, 2015
I used the same BTR stage II cam in a smaller engine (5.7)
To me it's perfect. In the larger motor, the stage II cam, should be slightly tamer.
To me it's the perfect, I got the sound, without the driveablity issues.
I used Black Widow mufflers. You will likely want something tamer?
However, the Black Widow's I choose are not bad at idle but get nasty at much throttle.
Sounds like they maybe too noisy for your tastes.
Not sure how you get the attitude and the quite?
I do recommend you run the exhaust all the way to the back. Will help at cruise.
Jan 15, 2018
Orchard Park NY
Thanks for the info... I'll look into the Black Widows. Yeah, I know I probably can't have both (attitude and quite). Don't get me wrong, when I step on it, I still want some noise. Just don't want the loud lumpy idle at the red lights that I see on YouTube. Maybe I'm worried about nothing and the idle will be fairly smooth... Thanks again!

p.s. Thanks for the tip on running to the back... That is the plan...


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Dec 7, 2014
Pypes is worth a look. I have a 2.5 full system on mine, fit and quality are great. There are 3 or 4 muffler options, and if you get the X pipe, it helps quiet things down. Their website has sound/video samples.

73Z L92

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Jan 25, 2011
Carlos, MN
With that cam you will have some lope at idle.
I like the Dyno Max turbo mufflers. 3" pipe necked down down to 2.5" pipe after the collector. I've used them on a few LS projects. I too have out grown the loud muffler thing. The saying is "Just because it's loud doesn't make it fast".

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