Exterior Door Handle Tape Inserts


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May 21, 2014
Hutto, TX
Hi Pete,

I was wondering if you had any inserts for a 1973 with 60 Light Copper paint.

Found them on your website but I don't see Light Copper.

Here's a post from you back in 2008.

Door handle tape inserts
We are working with a company that does Dirt track car skins on the tape and will have factory colors PLUS about 500 more colors via custom order, also can do custom printing on them.

Price is going to be about 2/3rds of that of other companies and should have some in late this week in stock colors.

Do I need to place a custom order?



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Oct 9, 2000
SF East Bay CA
Make sure you specify the needed length, '73 is the longer door handle. There were two different length door handles between 1970–1981 and their website says it will fit 1970–1981.

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