F-35 Lightning II and AV-8B Harrier Refueling


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Feb 27, 2011
Those F-35's really are awesome jets, and QUIET until they've already got the drop on you ;) . Harriers have never failed to impress either.


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Jul 2, 2009
Southern Maryland
That's cool! What's funny is - because I've flown over it so many times I can tell they are flying just north of El Centro, CA area... that body of water is the Salton Sea just north of El Centro. Those are Marine F-35's and Harriers out of Yuma, AZ. The F-35 is pretty bad @$$. The Harrier is a dinosaur now days, even though it has some sophisticated stuff on it. I've had the pleasure to work on them in Japan and Afghanistan. Here are some pics when I was in Yuma from earlier this year. I have several pics of the Harriers refueling from a KC-130 when we were flying over Helmand Province Afghanistan, but I'd have to dig those out.



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Sep 15, 1999
Ontario, Canada
Damn, that's nice, I just found a new desktop pic. Thx.



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Sep 16, 2012
Pensacola, FL
When I work at our Ft. Walton shop I watch them fly all day and they are awesome to watch. The airport uses the Eglin AFB runway and they have all services and foreign air forces there learning the new aircraft. It's cool watching them flying with the other planes in service, F16's,15's,18's and the A-10. From what I've heard the Marine Corp, seems to be on track to have the first operational squadron.


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