Feels like I just picked up 30+ hp over 5500 rpm

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    I discovered my TV cable bracket on the TPIS miniram is nearly 1/2" to far to the rear (as compared to a stock TPI). I was playing around with the throttle linkage on my friend's 91 Z28 and noticed that when I disconnected the TV cable it didn't get pulled back into the sheath as is the case with mine when I disconnect it. On mine, I always had to pull the cable out about a 1/2" to hook it up to the throttle linkage. But on a stock TPI, the cable end sits right at the pin on the linkage.

    I took some measurements and the damn bracket is too far back. It was causing the TV cable to be adjusted out too far when I do the static WOT auto-adjustment procedure, thereby lowering the line pressure. Son of a b! :mad:

    Ended up drilling out some new holes in the bracket and moving it closer to the throttle linkage like the stock TPI. Readjusted the TV cable and took it out for a test drive last night on a nearby freeway on-ramp.

    Holy cow! This thing is singing over 5500 rpm now! It must have been slipping before and I never realized it. Part throttle operation has been fine all this time, but I guess the line pressure wasn't enough at high rpm @ WOT. It would noticably slip sometimes on a WOT blast, but I'd throw in some ATF fluid and it would "seem" like the slipping went away. Apparently it just went away *enough* to where it wasn't obvious. It was always sensitive to a half quart or so which I thought was peculiar. But it's night and day now with the cable properly in the factory configuration.

    Looks like I'll be paying TPIS a call on Monday. I did some searching on the net and it seems a few people on Corvette Forum have noticed this as well.

    Just hope I haven't done any damage to the tranny... I know how sensitive these 700R4's are to the TV cable adjustment. Unbelievable I've had this Miniram for almost 10 years now, only now I find out that the bracket is in the wrong place.
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    My nephew swapped the Qjet/stock manifold on his 87 Z28 for an Edelbrock (Carter) carb + intake . I warned him to get the right bracket for the new combo so he could adjust the TV cable properly. Did he listen... noooooooo... burned up his tranny good! Well, he learned how to swap out a tranny.

    At least your tranny seems to have survived.
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