Fiber Concepts L88 Hood Fitment


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Apr 4, 2013
Asheville, NC
I am on my second L88 hood and need soome advise on getting it to fit properly. I really like the Factory Concepts hood and quality but it seems to be off. I placed the hood on the car first before bolting on the hinges. There seems to be a large gap on the front left to the header. I am good with shaving the sides and fitting but I'm not sure about adding fiberglass. I am very falimiar with body work and do my own but have minimial experience with building out panels with fiberglass. I have had the front header and fenders off of the car. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Jan 8, 2013
Seymour, WI
Grizzlyman, did you ever figure this out? I believe you can use mud to fill and form the gap if you want. Then shave ti down and make a fiberglass resin cover around the mud? Not sure I have the same issue on my L88 hood too. One body guy told me to just use mud to fill it, but I'm really worried if I do that it is going to crack, which is why I was thinking of trying the fiberglass resin and a lot of sanding.

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Nov 14, 2002
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I'm also curious how this turned out. As fiber concepts now own the original molds used by Legendary Glass to produce the parts Joel Rosen used on his infamous motion cars. I've seen some pretty poor fitting fiberglass hoods produced by some of the most popular brands but that's a pretty extensive fix on that gap. I probably would have made him send me another hood

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