Finally got color on my car!


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Sep 19, 2008
Richmond, MI
Well after 2.5 years of hard work learning and doing the body work myself, I finally got color on my car this year! I have lots of work left to do including painting the new hood and the trim but I have the doors and shel done in time for winter.

For a newbie, I am very happy with the results. There are some imperfections such as runs and orange peel but nothing that can't be fixed with some work and wet sanding. I will say that 85% of the car is glass smooth already. I am very proud of what I have done and can't wait to get working on putting the rest of the car back together and back to the race track :)

For anybody thinking of trying this yourself my advice is to watch the paintucation videos and do lots of research on here! But take your time and expect that you will have mistakes but it can be repaired!


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