Finally got color on my car!


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Jan 26, 2008
Hey fun79Z28 I hope the picts of mine inspire you to keep it moving forward to get yours done. You have a great start so far.


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Sep 19, 2008
Richmond, MI
Thanks for the inspiration! I am very motivated to get it done, budget is my limiting factor. I am doing everything possible with the budget I have to keep it going. It may take me a little bit longer to finish, but I am trying to do everything the way I want it from the start, so im not wasting money now.

I am currently working on the wetsanding process of the body, and have to finish the hood and fascia in the spring. Once thats done I will finish putting the new motor together. Still need to to get the trans and rear end finished as well.

Slowly but did I mention... I am trying to do all this while starting a family. Lol my first son was born just after I disassembled the car, and now we are having a second...:confused:

People tell me ill never finish now that I have kids.... I tell them to get the hell out of here, I dont need that negativity! haha Ill get it finished come hell or high water!:bowtie:

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