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Mar 15, 2004
Bunker Hill, IL
So just after thanksgiving my Dad and I went to a farm consignment sale just to snoop around and see what they had. To my surprise they had an old and neglected Kalamazoo horizontal band saw setting out in a muddy corn field. I already had a decent home owner/light commercial Ridgid brand horizontal saw but decided if the price was right the old saw would come home with me even though I knew it had an issue in the driveline as the drive wheel had about 15 deg. of slop in it. After standing in the pouring down rain for a few hours they finally got to the saw and for $90 it was mine. At this price I knew I could sell parts off of it and make money if things were to bad on it. We literally had to wrap a chain around it and drag it to the road so the forklift could get on it to load it for me.

Ready for the ride home.

And in the shop where I could start evaluating

So after tearing into the drive line I found the drive wheel and output shaft of the gearbox was trashed and I thought things might be looking grim for the saw unsure of parts availability for an old peice of equipment is hit and miss.



Much to my suprise this model of saw is still fully supported by clausing that bought kalamazoo and every part I needed was readily available for it. Also found out that this saw was made in 1961 according to them. So with $600 worth of parts on order it was time to start stripping and cleaning



So after much wire wheeling, a little welding, and a lot of primer and paint things were ready to start going the other way.


Added wheels to the base so I can move the saw as needed because weighing in at around 900lbs I would have had to use my tractor to move it and I really didnt want it setting out in the middle of my shop either.

Finally got it back together enough to test run a couple weeks ago and actually used it a fair amount for a project for a freind of mine.

So last night I finally got the hood and coolant tank/chip pan back mounted up. and the old girl is running as good as a new one!

Notice the floor lock I had to add to keep it in place once on casters as it was walking itself around the shop when running without it.


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Jul 4, 2013
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Great job. A lot of the older, heavily built stuff, is a lot better than things made today. I've got a Troybilt chipper/shredder I've had for about 20 years. When the belt failed, I found that parts for it were made out of unobtainium. When the parent company went bankrupt, the company the took over didn't get the patterns or specifications for parts. I tried all sorts of belts until I found one that fit perfect.

Nothing like a 60 year old saw doing better than the new shiny stuff.

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