First gokart practice!


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Mar 23, 2014
Ocala, Florida
You sir, are a GREAT dad. I just hope your son knows just how lucky he is that you are supporting his racing. He will never forget this! We should all have been so lucky.


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That always looked like fun, there's a track north of the drag strip, but there's not enough hours in the day to do everything!!!
The counter guy at the local auto parts shop was a crew chief on some super fast series.
We would chat once in awhile, and those guys were frigging hard core, just as much as we were!!!!

Good luck to the little guy, and as ALWAYS!!! race safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Jan 17, 2007
Central Illinois
Funny story.
Had a buddy getting into carting about 10 years ago. They were having an open track day at the local 1/8 mile dirt stock car track.
He got his cart ready and we all went with him to the track. I think he was plain scared - because they were getting up to a pretty good clip on such an open track.
About a half dozen laps in, this crazy dude drifting around the track (had a small .motorcycle engine in it and 3 tires on the back). The guy comes around our buddy in the turn and rips the nose off our buddy's cart - we laughed so hard, we were crying (after all the decal work, etc. he had done, and the dude was real anal about his stuff) We know he was scared - he put it in his shed and never touched it again, lol.
Same dude had a Polaris sport quad - Dale Earnhardt Jr. special edition. We were going to drag race. He dumps the clutch, it stands up on the rear bar, bends the tips of both plastic rear fenders up, and he does a full circle dragging his legs in the dirt until he let go. Lmao, oh - that was another one that was 10 times funnier because we knew how much the damaged fenders would bother the crap out of him. :D
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Feb 29, 2016
That's just plain cool! I had a go cart when I was a boy and my Dad was my hero for buying it for me! (wasn't near that nice but, it don't have to be to have a friggin' blast!) I always appreciated how my Dad was always supportive of my ambitions and I'm positive, your son is always gonna love you for it too!
By the way, I still have a Go Cart now! Its just bigger and better. HAHAHAHA!

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