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Rules for the BS Forum
Below are the rules for the BS (and all other) forums on These rules are in place to help make sure this club is a welcoming and productive place for all who are interested.
Violation of these rules can result in disciplinary actions including suspension or expulsion from the board.
These are subject to change

  1. Be Nice, Be Respectful You are adults, act like it
  2. No Political Threads We had a multi year experiment with political discussions here on Nastyz28. It did not go well. Political discussion is no longer welcome here
  3. Do Not Post Personal info for any member beyond Email Address and Public Websites
  4. No Threats See rule #1
  5. No Porn This is a family friendly site. Bikini's are ok, Lingerie is ok (use common sense). In general if you can't see it on network TV, you can't post it here. There are literally millions of other sites on the web dedicated to porn all you need to do is look. We don't need it here.
  6. Threads concerning illegal activities, specifically street racing are not permitted.
  7. No Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-LGBT etc behavior Everyone is welcome here.
  8. No Discussion of the benefits or detriments of Abortion see Rule #2
  9. We really aren't interested in discussions happening on other message boards.
  10. No Commercial Posts. If you want to be a sponsor. we can talk
  11. No Charity, Go-Fund-Me etc threads. None; really we mean it.
  12. If you post a technical thread in BS and it gets moved. Relax, don't get upset. The moderators are trying to help to put things where they are most likely to be noticed
  13. If your post gets deleted, locked, edited... no public discussion permitted Threads about "other threads" are never productive. If you would like to discuss, please contact a mod or admin directly. We will be happy to talk. In general Moderator/Admin decisions are final.

Please note our entire staff is made of up of volunteers whom have taken it upon themselves to help maintain this very special community. Most of our mod/admin staff have been doing this for many years; there is generally a method to the madness.
If you have questions or issues, please send a private message to any mod or admin. We are here to help.
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